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Mastermind and Mentalist

Bay Area Mindreader and Mentalist

Fantastic Fred is a triple threat. Fred is an award winning magician and mentalist. His signature billiard ball routine is fast paced with high technical skills and has been select to be the opening act at many dinner shows. Fred presents an award winning mentalist and hypnotist that can really get into your head. Aside from his technical abilities, intellectual audiences also are intrigued by his paranormal and mentalism demonstrations. Learn more about Fred.

Sunnyvale Magician - Fred Lee Mastermind

Fred Lee Mastermind Fred Lee Mastermind

Dan Chan Presents: Fred Lee Master Mind

Sophisticated corporate events require expertise and experience. Fred Lee Master Mind provides both with unexplainable feats of magic, hypnotism and mentalism GUARANTEED to blow your audiences away. This is theatrical mind bending entertainment.

Be intrigued by his psychic demonstrations where passcode are unlocked, minds are read and silverware gets destroyed. Experience true astonishment in his hypnosis show where you see friends and co-workers forget their names and learn things you never knew they could do. Fred can easily customize the experience to suit your needs with these various skill sets. Perfect for events that want to maintain that touch of class.

Fred Lee is one of Dan Chan's number one magical consultants. He is a Mastermind. After joining the Dan Chan Presents team he quickly recognized for providing immense value to any project or performance he was tasked with. Fred Lee continues to earn loyal and long-lasting business relationships with all his clients throughout the entire Bay Area.

Dan Chan Presents

Bay Area Dinner Show has a rich history of hosting an amazing list of guest artists. Some of the amazing performers who have come thru our doors include: the Red Panda Acrobats, Shoot Ogawa, Mayuco, David Hirata, Fritz,, David Gerard,, Daniel Roy, Jen Kramer, and Jack Alexander. Please call 415-244-2700 to discuss customizing a package for your event. Dan Chan Presents is the number one entertainment solution in the Bay Area.

The Dan Chan Presents entertainment solution is the number one choice for corporate events and buyouts in the Bay Area. Top destination management companies and event planners in the Bay Area trust Dan with their entertainment needs . Our cast and crew provide a turn-key solution. With high impact, visual, modular acts that scale, our team members can play to the largest venues and audiences sizes. We are the largest network of performing magicians in the Bay Area. When event buyers look to plan their corporate events they look to Dan Chan Presents. We offer refined, sophisticated entertainment for smaller events and high impact, visual acts that can play to the largest venues.

Experience Dan Chan`s intimate VIP experience. A modern day 007, Billionaire`s magician, Dan Chan, has galavanted around the world`s most exclusive shin digs, duping politicians, street hustlers and card sharks. Your magical evening is held in the top secret caverns of the 10 VIP rooms of Dynasty, Cupertino. You will be hypnotized by Master Chan`s immaculate sleight of hand skills. Portraits of George Washington will morph into portraits of Benjamin Franklin right before you very eyes. You might not lose your mind, but someone is guaranteed to lose their watches and wallets. So beware of pickpockets. Don`t worry you`ll get it back. Buy a ticket for an unsuspecting foe, friend, or the entire family to guarantee your night of merriment and wonder. Get ready to experience VIP entertainment billionaires` style.