Billionaire's Magician and Corporate Entertainer Dan Chan Master Magician's Magic and Dinner Show
Bay Area Corporate Events
Bay Area Corporate Events


Dynasty Cupertino, 10123 North Wolfe Rd. #1688, Cupertino, CA 95014

K-Elements BBQ, 2140 Clement St, San Francisco, CA 94121

Conversations with Dean Kendrick

  • Dean is a Director of Photography with 4 EMMY Awards, 2 NAB Awards, 2 NATPE IRIS Awards, 1 James Beard Foundation Award. This piece was written shortly after August 7th, 2017's magic and dinner show in Cupertino, CA.

  • Dean: As we arrived, I was intrigued immediately by the first trick you performed. You used photography and what really amazed me was you were using the spectator's cell phone.

  • Dan: We'll I did my homework, that and I knew you were a director of photography for KRON4 I figured that you'd appreciate this effect. Did you notice I brought it back full circle at the end with another photography effect? And the last one was designed to be more baffling than the first! My show is custom tailored to who is in the audience.

  • Dean: I love how you incorporated improvisation and personal stories into the act. It really helps to get the audience to know you better, it humanizes you.

  • Dan: These stories have an emotional impact. These stories are real and not fabricated. And that makes it extremely powerful for both the audience and me. It comes from an authentic place from my past and as such it allows me to retell the story with emotion that can't be faked. And the audiences senses that and that's what makes this show different. It's theatrical, yet breaks the 4th wall.

  • Dean: You mention the show is improvised. That can't be true, is it?

  • Dan: Absolutely as I've said this show comes from an authentic place from me. I know the first and last effect I'm going to perform. Yet everything in between is a jazz composition. I improvise a lot with the show and play around with the order. This makes it exciting for me and keeps me on my toes. It allows me creative freedom to improve the show. It creates authentic spontaneous moments. It allows me to go where no other show has gone. It allows me to custom tailor the show to what I feel the audience will appreciate. It may sacrifice some polish yet the audience appreciates that they are seeing a composition that will never be repeated. It makes the evening special.

  • Dean: Only with the amount of experience that you have can you get a way with it. It's interesting that the gentleman tonight comments about how he lost $300 gambling on three card monte after your performance of it.

  • Dan: Absolutely, The show also educates. Allowing this gentleman to tell his story in the middle of my show makes the magic more that much more powerful.

  • Dean: That was a funny comment that he spent half as much for a dinner and show.

  • Dean: Why's the show's only on Monday?

  • Dan: Rarely are there events requiring a magician on a Monday night. I typically perform quite a few corporate shows on Fridays and Saturdays and those shows pay the bills. These dinner shows are very intimate shows and I do that as a labor of love. I also found that people will arrange their schedules to make it out on a Monday night. I've had people take a half a day off work just to bring their entire family to the dinner show. I've got the brand and reputation to get people into the dinner show even on a Monday night. And once people have find out that I'm doing many things I don't do in public shows at the dinner show it's gotten a lot more people curious to see what I'm doing and coming in on those Monday nights. The Monday night shows work well for both me and my venue partner. Once I find an investor for a permanent venue or a partner venue that will give me a private room at a reasonable fee on a weekend I'll be doing shows five days a week with shows on Saturdays as well. My current venue partner gives me a deal on Monday nights their slower nights. I'm also interested in partnering with other restaurants around the Bay Area with an intimate private room who would like to partner together.

  • Dean: How can people find out more about what you do? And find out about special events?

  • Dan: Like my fan page on Facebook and be sure to set it to see first in the settings page. In addition, join our mailing list as we often have special events. We have variety spectacle shows about once a quarter and these are our larger shows in the back room of Dynasty with multiple performers.

  • Dean: Thank you again for taking the time to discuss this wonderful show.

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