Magic Duo

Intimate VIP event

The intimate VIP event with Dan Chan is perfect for smaller corporate events or family celebrations. Upon arrival you`ll be greeted by Dan himself with close up intimate magic. When all the guests have arrived you will enjoy a wonderful meal. This is followed by a 45-minute presentation by Dan Chan the Magic Man in a VIP room in Dynasty Cupertino.

The act is tailored to fool intelligent audiences. This is close-up magic at its best, ideal for cocktail parties, corporate events, trade-shows and intimate events. Dan`s passion is creating original presentations and routines. Experience the work of a true artist as he creates supernatural effects, and performs mind-boggling feats of telepathy and mind control. Feel the artistry and witness first-hand the elements of psychology, misdirection and timing.

Mask Changer

Bian Lian Chinese Cultural Performance

Bian Lian is part of a three century old National Chinese Treasure and tradition originating from Sichuan, China. It is such a closely guarded secret that Hong Kong pop singer Andy Lau learned Bian Lian from a master only after paying the grand sum of $360,000 US dollars. Only a handful of practitioners actively perform this art form outside of Asia. Dan is a member of this elite group, and preserves the rich tradition of Bian Lian with dynamic movements and powerful stances. Each rapid face change in this compelling art represents a different character, and each character assumes his own unique body posture, stance and gait.

Bian Lian is traditionally kept "in the family" and have passed only from father to son. Dan was consistently rejected by masters of the art as he sought to learn the ancient skills of Bian Lian. Dan`s breakthrough eventually arrived when an esteemed master of the art moved towards the end of his life, but had no heir to pass his secret onto. Dan traveled to Asia to learn from this Bian Lian Master who chose to train only Dan. After undergoing an intensive period of training, Dan became a Bian Lian Master. The rest is history. Dan Chan will present and preserve this secret Chinese art form for the rest of his life.

Dinner Show Magicians

Bay Area Magicians

The Variety Spectacle is recommended for larger corporate events and includes guest acts that play to the largest of stages. You are welcomed by Dan Chan's team of close-up performers with close up magic, followed by a multi-course banquet. After the meal you will enjoy a full production show by the entire team. Dan will present a rotating cast of elite cast of performers, magicians, jugglers, acrobats, contortionist and musicians.