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Corporate Events Magicians

Founder of Bay Area Dinner Show Dan Chan

Dan is working on an innovative concept, bridging the three worlds he knows intimately: high profile corporate clients, fine dining experiences and ultra-high-end customized entertainment experiences.

Born and raised in San Francisco, Dan Chan developed an appreciation of fine dining later in life. After dining at many of the Michelin star restaurants around the world incuding Manresa, COMMIS, Chez TJ, Plumed Horse, Spruce, T'ang Court, Jean-Georges, and the Village Pub Dan decided to merge a high-end fine dining experience with entertainment. Realizing that his entertainment did not fit the venue, he created a brand of entertainment that would fit into existing venues. This new show was able to blend seamlessly into the existing environments of fine dining establishments without distrubing patrons. As a result of this unique understanding and vision, Dan was able to create customized intimate shows for his high profile clients at the Plumed Horse and Micheal Mina’s Arcadia.

In his spare time, Dan stages at other Michelin rated venues. He has staged at Petit Crenn, Lazy Bear, COI, and most recently Californios. He is currently working on moving this pop-up concept into a permanent dining venue.

Recognized as the best of the best, Dan Chan Master Magician attracts a discerning audience with a shared appreciation and desire for fine dining and entertainment. Dan's corporate clients include Adsemble, Airbnb, Apple, Bank of America, BitTorrent, Buzzfeed, BMC, Breathometer, Charles Schwab, Chevron, Cloudflare, CISCO, DOCOMO Innovations, Ebay, Falconstor, Golden State Warriors, Google, HP, IBM, Intel, Kleiner Perkins, Merrill Lynch, Novartis, Oracle, PayPal, Pfizer, Pitney Bowes, Quora, Radio Disney, Roche, Sequoia Capital, SF Giants, Shutterfly, Sony Play Station, Specialized Bicycle, Thumbtack, USMC, VISA, Wells Fargo, Wild Aid, Yahoo, Zuckerberg Hospital.

His achievements, however, have never deterred him from the ultimate goal as an entertainer—to make unforgettable moments for his guests!

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San Francisco Balloon Artist

Balloon Artist Katherine Chan

Katherine Chan is a talented assistant capable of the rapid costume changes, and the Chinese rope escape. Besides being the leading assistant, Katherine is one of the worlds most accomplished and in demand balloon twisters in the world. Her larger balloon sculptures require 5-30 hours to complete and have been feature in corporate events, parade floats, and even the Nelson Atkin Museum of Art in Kansas City, Missouri. To see her amazing creations check out

World's Youngest Magician and Juggler James Chan

James Chan

James Chan's ability to perform difficult magic, memory, mental feats and juggling feats have been enjoyed by countless audiences. James has performed at many birthday parties, dozens of schools, libraries and Boy Scout troops around the Bay Area and Southern California, Big Brother Big Sisters annual boat cruise, the Mattos Elementary talent show, Chinese Historical Society's Annual Gala, Mill Valley's Fall Art Festival, Google's company picnic, HP, BMC, Specialize Bicycle, Sacramento's Crocker Museum, Oracle's Family Fun Day, the Olympic Club, Cal Berkeley's basketball half time and many other events. In some shows, James will provide piano accompaniment as other performers perform. Learn more about James Chan.

San Francisco Magician

Corporate Magician

Cal Tong is the perfect choice for corporate entertainment. As a Senior Manager at Cisco Systems during the day and the Master of Ceremonies for Bay Area Dinner Show at night, he's the perfect MC for any high profile corporate event. His distinguished look and attention to detail attracts a discerning audience with a shared appreciation and desire for quality entertainment and exclusivity—core elements that define the best in high-end corporate entertainment. Respected by his peers of Bay Area magicians, he is the current President of the International Brotherhood of Magicians in San Jose and an award winning magician in both close-up and stage.

Chinese Magician

Magician Alex Wu

Alex Wu is an award-winning magician specializing in shadowgraphy, CD and card manipulation. His amazing stage presence and ability to perform complicated sleights with amazing ease has awarded Alex the title of 2013 San Jose Stage Magician of the Year. Under the guidance and direction of Dan Chan, he has added a unique shadowgraphy act to complement his magic act. Alex displays a tremendous knack for technical "knuckle busting" sleight of hand that will impress the most jaded of audiences.

Learn more about Alex.
San Francisco Magician

Corporate Magician

Alan’s warm in inviting personality makes him one of the most popular magicians for corporate and family audiences. His corporate background makes him one of Dan's top corporate entertainers. Audiences are entertained by his energy and enthusiasm, you will WANT to be a part of the magic and will be amazed by his signature 3 Card Monte gambling demonstration. For intimate groups, Alan can charge the room with his electrifying personality and have you questioning your own sanity about what you think you witnessed. Learn more about Alan Leeds.

Our History & Past Guest Artists

Dan Chan Presents has a rich history of hosting an amazing list of guest artists. To find out when the next special event will be with a guest artist please join our mailing list. Some of the amazing performers who have come thru our doors include: the Red Panda Acrobats, Mayuco, David Hirata, Fritz from the Netherlands,, David Gerard,, Susan Zeller, Danny Cheng, and Jack Alexander, Daniel Roy, Shoot Ogawa from Hollywood California, , Jen Kramer from Las Vegas, and most recently Ming Da from Singapore.

Experience Dan Chan`s intimate VIP experience. A modern day 007, Billionaire`s magician, Dan Chan, has galavanted around the world`s most exclusive shin digs, duping politicians, street hustlers, and card sharks. Your magical evening is held in the top secret caverns of the 10 VIP rooms of Dynasty, Cupertino. You will be hypnotized by Master Chan`s immaculate sleight of hand skills. Portraits of George Washington will morph into portraits of Benjamin Franklin right before your very eyes. You might not lose your mind, but someone is guaranteed to lose their watches and wallets. So beware of pickpockets. Don`t worry you`ll get it back. Buy a ticket for an unsuspecting foe, friend, or the entire family to guarantee your night of merriment and wonder. Get ready to experience VIP entertainment billionaires' style.

"Back in the 50's a dinner show almost always included a magician. The Bay Area Dinner Show crew certainly is doing its best to get us back to that magical time. I recently hosted a company party for 50 people at the Dynasty Seafood Restaurant with Dan and Kat and their merry band of prestidigitators. Not only were the party guests amazed and delighted, they were also laughing and shaking their heads in astonishment. All of the performers were very talented, too. I recommend this team very highly if you're looking for party entertainment that isn't the same old stuff. Fun, family-friendly, and fantastic!"
- Karrie B. - Yelp Review - 1/15/2013

The Dan Chan Presents dinner show experience can be custom tailored for your group's team building event. The variety spectacle is a must when you have audiences of 150 plus. You'll need a show with acts that are visual and dynamic enough to engage audiences spread across a vast room. Our magic and more is perfect for 40-100 guests. And our VIP intimate event is pure sleight of hand and sleight of mind - perfect for elegant setting. These three experience can be further tailored to be "family fun" or strictly corporate. To keep things fresh the dinner show experience rotates. Join the mailing list to find out more!

The variety spectacle is perfect for larger corporate events and buyouts. When event buyers look to plan their corporate events they look to Dan Chan Presents, the number one trusted and credible authority for dinner show entertainment. Dan Chan Presents is used by destination management companies and event planners in the Bay Area. We offer refined, sophisticated entertainment for smaller events and high impact, visual cirque acts that can play to the largest venues.