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Dan Chan Presents Corporate Catering Solutions

Dan has pioneered the Lanyard and Punch Card system for corporate and hospitality events. Upon arrival at the event, each attendee is given a lanyard containing a punch card. The punch card would specify the number of courses each person is entitled to and any restrictions on certain dishes (e.g., caviar and uni dishes limited servings per person)

Course Signaling

The event organizers, in coordination with the chefs, would arrange for courses to be prepared and signaled at regular intervals, such as every half hour. This could be done using visual and/or auditory cues, such as a display board or an announcement, indicating that a new course is ready to be served. This also helps to keep people at events where there may be concerns that guests will leave early.

The punch card would allow attendees to enjoy a certain number of dishes “unlimited,” meaning they can request multiple servings of those particular items. These dishes could be selected based on their ability to retain quality even after some time. Premium items like caviar and uni dishes, which are more time-sensitive, would be limited to one serving per person to ensure staying within budget and prevent excessive waste.

Timed Course

When a course is signaled, attendees can approach the designated food stations or areas to receive their serving. The chefs and event staff would be responsible for ensuring that the dishes are fresh and presented well, even if they have been prepared in advance.

Punch Card Tracking

Each time an attendee receives a course, their punch card would be marked accordingly. This helps in tracking the number of courses consumed and ensures that everyone receives their fair share.

Additional Options

To accommodate dietary restrictions or preferences, there could be alternative options available, such as vegetarian or gluten-free dishes. These options would also be included in the punch card system.

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By booking Dan Chan and his catering team, you can access the highest quality food by Michelin-rated chefs implementing this lanyard and punch card system. You also maintain a balance between allowing attendees to enjoy multiple servings of certain dishes while balancing quality and quantities, at the same time staying within your budget & minimizing food waste. We provide a structured approach to managing the timing of the courses and help create an engaging hospitality and networking experience.

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