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Pop-up Dinner Show in San Francisco

As a pop-up dinner show, we’ve collaborated with various venues across the Bay Area to offer unique entertainment experiences. If you’re seeking a special treat for your clients, consider our magic and dinner show. Below are images from our most recent event held at the Village Pub.

The Village Pub is a Michelin-starred restaurant in Woodside, California that serves contemporary American food in a refined setting. The restaurant has been open since 2001 and has held a Michelin star for 12 years in a row. The Village Pub’s menu features dishes like house charcuterie, lobster bisque, and elaborate entrees.

Experience an Evening of Entertaining Pop-up Dinner Show

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Our previous events have featured exclusive collaborations with celebrated chefs like David Yoshimura of Nisei and Chef Val of Californios, both at their Michelin-starred establishments. Our next dinner show is on Feb 15th with Eight Tables.

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Dan Chan is not just a performer; he’s a creator of bespoke, ever-evolving experiences. Depending on our current venue partner, the show’s format adapts. For example, at Californios, we’ve mesmerized guests with an opening act in the wine room. In other venues, expect to be welcomed by Dan’s world-class close-up magic, culminating in a more formal show post-dinner. Each performance is a unique blend of magic and ambiance, tailored to the setting.

We also offer virtual shows through Airbnb Experiences, perfect for groups of 8 or more. For a truly personalized and unforgettable dinner show experience, email us at [email protected].

Absolutely. We have a team of magicians and entertainers who would be delighted to perform in-person or virtually at your next event. Check out danchanmagic.com for more information regarding corporate bookings. Please send us a message through the contact form to discuss the options.

Dan specializes in creating custom experiences and the show is constantly evolving. There are a few “show formats” depending on the venue we’re partnering with at the time. At Californios we started off with a show in the wine room. In other venues, as you arrive, your guests will be greeted with world class close up magic usually after dinner a more formal show will be presented.

Business Insider called Dan The Magician to Billionaires.

Buzzfeed featured Dan Chan calling him Silicon Valley’s Favorite Magician.

Photos of our shows at other partner venues

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